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Our Team
Our Team
Member of the International Institute of Marine Surveying (UK)
Member of Australasian Institute of Marine Surveyor (Australia)
Member of the Nautical Institute (UK)
Registered Marine Surveyor (UK)
CIRC Licensed Loss Adjuster
Diploma in Marine Surveying
Diploma in Business Logistics
Certificate in Dangerous Goods Regulations and Management
Navigation Officer License
Ferriby IRCA ISO & ISM Lead Auditor Training 
Brief Employment Record & Experience:
-          Ocean going vessel Deck Officer.
-          Marine and Cargo Surveyor and Consultant
-    Expert witness fo Hong Kong High Court.
-         Watch keeping experience in handling, running and operation of vessels under time charters, voyage charter and oil liner terms. 
-          Surveyor and consultant for vessel On/Off hire surveys.
-          Surveyor for Bunker Survey incl. Quantity/Quality Disputes.
-          Surveyor and Consultant for Heavy Lift Supervision and Lashing Surveys.
-          Surveyor for Petroleum & Edible Oil Surveys, incl. Contamination and Shortage Disputes.
-          Regular Bulk Cargoes Loading/Discharging Surveys (including Oil, Vegetable & Minerals Products).
-          Pre-shipment survey.
-          Independent Marine Surveyor to Hull Underwriter, Average Adjuster, P & I Association, Ship-Owners, Charterers and Solicitors with respect to marine issue.
-          Surveyor and Consultant for damage arising from Collision, Stranding and Fire.
-          Pre-Entry Surveyor for P & I Association
-          Surveyor and Consultant for Special Project Cargo
-          Risk assessment survey for coaster & ocean going vessel.
-     Risk assessment projects for Container Terminal in Hong Kong and Oil Terminal in P.R.China

Registered Professional Engineer RP0254843
Member of Hong Kong Institution of Engineers
Registered Safety Officer
Higher Diploma in Marine Engineering
Master of Science in Engineering Business Management
Brief Employment Record & Experience
-          Marine & Engineering Surveyor
-          Superintendent Engineer
-          Seagoing Engineer
-          Operation and management of ocean going vessels & fleet.
-          Erection and commissioning of crude oil injection pump for Liaohe Oilfield, high speed charging pump for Changling Refinery. Air compressor system for Taiwan Glass, Bohai Offshore Oil, Shanghai Shipyard.
-          Survey of vessels and industrial facilities.
-          Casualty investigation of damage and accident.
-          Ferry Terminals (China HK, Kwun Tong, Mui Wo, North Point, HK Macau) vehicle/ passenger access ramp and cage replacement inspection and recommendation, structural analysis for ramp and cage design. Test and commissioning of system.
-          Marine Police Quay crane foundation bolt replacement, analysis of foundation bolt test and commissioning.
-          Passenger landing facility design for Yam O reclamation work.
-          KCRC maintenance wagon platform structure analysis and commissioning.

Master Mariner (Class I)
Brief Employment Record & Experience
-          Ocean going vessel Commanding & Navigating Officer.
-          Marine Surveyor of Allied Marine Consultants Ltd.
-          Principal Surveyor of South China Surveys Ltd.
-          5 years commanding experience onboard oceangoing vessels.
-          10 years as Chief Officer onboard crude oil tankers, product carriers, general cargo carriers and container vessels, with extensive experience in cargo loading and discharging, safety equipment and navigational aids maintenance, crew management and navigation.
-          Surveyor for Petroleum & Edible Oil Surveys, incl. Contamination and Shortage Disputes.
-          Independent Marine Surveyor and Hull Underwriter, Average Adjuster, P & I Association, Ship-Owners, Charterers and Solicitors with respect to marine issue.

Diploma in Maritime Study
ISM Lead Auditor
Brief Employment Record & Experience
-          Marine Surveyor.
-          Working onboard as navigation officer.
-          Bunker Audit Survey.
-          P & I Pre-Entry Condition Survey.
-          Surveys on general & reefer cargoes of all varieties.
-          Loading and Discharge of general & reefer cargoes supervision.
-          Lashing survey on high value cargo.
-          Pre-shipment survey.

Higher Diploma in Product Eng. Design & Technology Management
Cert. in Marine Eng. & Fabrication
Container Inspector of IICL
Brief Employment Record & Experience
-          Engineer of Soaring Dragon Enterprise Ltd.
-          Supervisor of Woo Cheng Mechanical Eng. Factory Ltd.
-          Technician of Ocean Way (HK) Eng. Co., Ltd.
-          Supervising the maintenance and repairing of crude oil and product carrier.
-          Sea trails, dock trails & equipment test.
-          Supervising the construction of oil tanker.
-          Maintenance & repair of marine engine, mechanical engine, hydraulic system, pump & genset etc.
-          Bunker survey.

High Diploma in Manufacturing Engineering
Diploma in Product Engineering Design and Technology
Brief Employment Record & Experience
-          Inspection Supervisor of Asia Falcon Limited.
-          QC/QA Fitness Products of IIC-INTERSPORT International Corp. (Far East) Ltd.
-          Over 5 years in product inspection and production experience.
-          Experience of TQM and 7 Quality Control tools.
-          Familier with ISO 9000 (2000).
-          Pre-shipment survey.

ANZIIF (Fellow)
Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators
CIRC Licensed Loss Adjuster
ISO & ISM Lead Auditor
Master of Insurance & Risk Management, Deakin University, Australia 
Master of Economics, The University of Hong Kong, HK
BA (Hons) in Finance, The University of Manchester, UK
Certificate of Oil Carrier Safety (Local Waters) Tranining
Ferriby IRCA ISO & ISM Lead Auditor Training

Brief Employment Record & Experience
-          Safety operation manager in a leading petroleum retailing company, which owns six petroleum carriers and one passenger craft.
-          Assessment on quantum of loss for court case.Consultancy & safety     
             training for oil barge operators with TSMA(OCIMF).
-          Risk assessment on project cargo.
-          Valuation survey.
-          Loss prevention for local/river trade craft.
-          Pre-terminal inspection of petroleum carriers.
-          On-board ship safety/maintenance quality audits.
      -      Warehouse risk assessment.
-          On-board ship safety/quality training (in compliance with Oil Major requirements – OCIMF & IMO International Safety Management Code) 

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